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Contact me


I appreciate all email of people that invest time and energy to help me improve my website. All people that did have been contacted, have made me revise my webpages and are mentioned there.


My email adress can be viewed here


Feel encouraged to send me an email when...

  1. a code snippet or other piece of code does not compile after a copy-paste
  2. you have an improvement of an existing code snippet or any other piece of code
  3. you know the solution of one of my problems described on these web page
  4. you wished I had written more about [something]
  5. information I write is wrong and you have the reference to the literature to back up your claim
  6. the markup validation on one of my pages fails
  7. you want to inform about training possibilities
  8. you have an interesting job offer
  9. you want to express you appreciation for my work
  10. you want to learn C++ programming and live near Groningen
  11. you want to listen to my music live
  12. you are a member of K3


Please do not email me when...

  1. you want me to solve a problem. Post your problem on a Forum instead (that's what they're for and you will have more experts potentially able to solve it)
  2. you want me to do your programming homework. Also Forums will not appreciate this.






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